Alight Motion 1.0.7 BETA Released




  • Shpresa Bytyqi

    Ths is soo good tysm when does this update come

  • Marcosigfilms

    add motion blur for spins slides and skews and all movements!!

  • emjaiie

    Please release the version 5.1 😢 I've been waiting it for like 3 months :( Please.


    I have a Zte Zmax Pro and whenever I add audio it crashes it would be really helpful if you could fix that problem

  • n1 montage

    Samsung j7 kullanıyorum curve cod kısmı çalışmıyor yardım edebilirmisiniz

  • Lucidmuzlera

    It works fine for me except when i use videos. I love the update but it would be better if it didnt crash whenever i use video clips❤ i love this app sm

  • Juile Reda

    please add new Android 4.0 in supported version.. ntx!!

  • Edit Abil

    Soy parte del beta tecer pero no me aparece para descargar como tengo que hacer

  • Fhil andrei De leon

    please add android 5.1 in supported version.. tnx!!

  • Edit Abil

    Soy parte del beta tecer pero no me aparece para descargar como tengo que hacer

  • English Support

    If you are experiencing crashes—we get anonymous crash reports automatically, and are working very hard to fix all of them. Being in beta means some amount of crashes are expected, and we appreciate your patience as we work our way through them. We expect to release an update approximately one or two times per week with more crashes fixed each time.

    Note that when we say crashes, we mean both regular crashes ("Alight Motion has Stopped") and ANRs ("Alight Motion isn't responding"), as well as being suddenly kicked back to the launcher/home screen of your phone.

    If you are experiencing other problems, such as video playback that is not smooth, distorted audio, or other problems, please get in touch with us at Be sure to let us know what kine of phone you are using (manufacturer and model) as well as what Android OS version you are using. If the distorted audio or video file is one your are comfortable sharing with us, please attach it to the e-mail (or a link to Google Drive, if it's large). While we can't make any guarantees, the more information you can provide, the better the chance your issue will be fixed sooner rather than later.

    Thanks again to everyone who is participating in the beta. We're a small team, and your help and encouragement means a lot to us!

    If you have feature requests or suggestions, please send them to While we can't always reply right away, the whole team reads every e-mail we get, and we take them very seriously!

  • Tiny Edits

    i have android 6 (Huawei p8 lite 2016) and i open the app and then after 2 seconds its says "Alight Motion Stopped" please fix this, i really love this app

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