When will Alight Motion be available for my device?




  • Gamesdaniela017

    Android 5.1.1 ;-; 2019?

  • Fhil andrei De leon

    please support android version 5.1/lollipop OS in the next update of alight motion. Im a graphic artist , and this app will help me to do incredible visual art..thank you in advance!!!plssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...."SUPPORT!! 5.1"

  • Yuribeth
    • Good evening, I would like to ask if Alight motion is compatible with Android 9.0, tell me if you please
  • Retro Art

    5.1 plss :<<

  • xXblack cloverXx (XXBCXX)

    Hello i have a request please could add alight motion on 5.1 there are  alot of people who are looking forward to seeing it so please do it

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