Alight Motion 2.0




  • Suhada Kaltim

    Wow 40+ new effect


  • Isaiahpolk72

    Its comming out in a few days for all or just beta testers

  • Isaiahpolk72

    Whats sqeeze

  • zo0oi x

    That's very very Amazing bro thank so much keeeep going

  • Darciio Senhor

    Só falta a atualização pro 5.1.0 pra testar ou beta teste

  • Stella Schubert

    All my friends have the new beta version but I don't and I'm also in the beta programme whats wrong?

  • thereal_ayesha Rizvi

    I would like to say thank you too all the people who helped build this program. And they've done so much to this app including adding the request things. So Ty for all of this❤

  • Virgygrimaldi39

    Con l'effetto "blur" si blocca un botto🙄💚

  • tsiklauridato9

    Can you add better tile scramble and plasma warp?if you want can you add slo wmo on videos like ae(sry i'm very stupid  i want every thing like ae)😂

  • tsiklauridato9

    I cant share elements when i'm clicking on element there's not any button like that

  • mallakeii edits

    Yesss I love you guys, but shadow still doesn't work for me. I have an LG phone. Um the new radical shadow doesn't work and uh glow doesn't work, feather and matte choker doesn't work solid matte doesn't work smooth bevel doesn't work and I think that's all.

  • 2stzzy

    Hey please not bug and lag on edits video ... And please add Effec auto Effec cube plase and open cube .. seperti video star Effec please add

  • Murti Wisnu

    Pls for android 5.1 :)

  • Stase bedah

    5.1 plis:')

  • Isaiahpolk72

    When will 3d effects come in cant wait😒😭

  • 4tg.stokeley

    Are you guys gonna add a cube effect to it like After Effects and Video Star? That would make my life so much better 😔👊🏽

  • SolarPawsTv

    since the newest update, it wont let me export my videos. It will say "error 1285 (out of memory)" even though I have tons of memory left. Can you please fox this asap? Thanks.

  • Top music Top music


  • Top music Top music


  • Fhil andrei De leon

    please support android 5.1/lollipop

  • Sadity Edits

    Can we have velocity? It would be easier to edit

  • Mia the fruit

    It wont let me sign in

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